Exclusive Exterior Car Care

Elite Car Spa offers an exclusive set of exterior car care treatments

The exterior of your car is exposed to most of the daily wear and tear from driving, as well as natural elements, fresh road tar, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, or road debris. That is why it is critical to sanitize, nourish, restore and protect all the exterior surfaces of your vehicle in order to restore its finishes.

We have developed a set of services for each of your exterior car care requirements from decontamination to polishing and preserving your vehicle’s different finishes.

Lamborghini Steam Wash Wheels

There is no doubt that your car’s wheels are exposed to the action of the hardest environment on the exterior of your vehicle. Leave the hard work to us! Using the latest nano-polymer-based auto detailing technology, at Elite Car Spa we developed a revolutionary steam wash system endorsed by Lamborgini, which decontaminates and protects your wheels against the damaging action of the environment (i.e.: road tar, debris, etc.).  A single high-pressure spray cleans your wheels and tires, making them look better than new!

Lamborghini Steam Wash & Dress Tires with Shine-n-Protect

Taking the wheel and tire cleaning to the next level, at Elite Car Spa we not only decontaminate your tires and wheels, but we also dress your tires with Shine-n-Protect. Our nano-polymer-based Shine- n-Protect solution restores the initial shine of your tires and wheels while forming a protective layer around them, which keeps them safe from road tar, debris, and other damaging elements and restores their original shine.

Full Exterior Lamborghini Steam Hand Wash with Wash & Shine Polymer

This is an elite service package designed to maximize your car spa experience. Caring for the face of your car is just as important as caring for its tires and wheels. The Full Exterior Lamborghini Steam Hand Wash is a revolutionary technique using high-pressure steam and nano-polymer that decontaminates your hood and other metal and glass surfaces of your car with a single hand-applied sanitizing spray. After cleansing and purifying the exterior of your car, we need to make it shine! Our polymer shine solution leaves your vehicle shining like new. Effects visible immediately!

Exterior Window-Streak Free Cleaning

Properly looking for the shine and health of your vehicle’s glass is a must. When your view is hindered by water not running off the glass or even worse, bird droppings or tree sap, it is a serious safety hazard. Our cutting-edge streak-free cleaning solution leaves your windshield crystal-clear. We offer you an exterior window cleaning that lasts! We leave your windshield so clean that you’ll hardly need wipers anymore.

Detailing Clay Bar for Full Shine

We care for all parts of your vehicle. Our eco-friendly, zero-chemical detailing clay bar removes all paint particles from your vehicle’s surface. Elite Car Spa’s auto detailing clay bar is a ‘green,’ resin-based compound specially engineered to remove contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. One touch for a full shine!

Ceramic Paint Coating

From simple washing to maintenance car care and paintwork reconditioning or polishing, Elite Car Spa offers you larger-than-life ceramic paint coatings. We bring you the best quality of car care you can find straight to your home! Our ceramic paint coating provides unmatched protection from environmental fallout while ensuring an easy-to-clean surface with its slick, high-gloss finish. We give a 24-month warranty on all our ceramic paint coatings. If the condition of your vehicle’s paintwork is poor, we recommend re-shine treatment.

Our Ceramic Paint Coating Provides Permanent Paint Protection from:
  • Birds dropping
  • Weather & UV damage
  • Bug Splatter
  • High Thermal Damage
  • Tree Sap
  • Chemical Damage
  • Oxidation & Corrosion
  • Lasts up to 24 months
In addition, Elite Car Spa offers the following exterior car care options:
  • Engine Renew – Lamborghini Steam degrease engine and protect
  • Headlight Restoration – Wet sand and buff headlights to remove oxidation 
  • Spot scratch buff
  •  Wheel Bling – two-stage machine buff chrome/clear coated rims 
  • Exterior Refresh – 1 step buff with polish to remove minor scratches
  • Exterior Reshine – 2 stage compound and polish to remove deep scratches and imperfections (restoring vehicles original luster, like new finish)

An exterior car care treatment made to last offered by Elite Car Spa and powered by Lamborghini Motors.

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