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Miami’s Finest Mobile Car Wash Services for Miami’s finest condo towers

Powered by Lamborghini Dry Steamers, Elite Car Spa offers a wide range of mobile car wash services to suit all of your needs. We look after your car from the inside out. Waxing, carpet shampooing, detail washing, day-to-day maintenance, including but not limited to battery and tire replacement, as well as running your car when you’re on vacation.

You can enjoy these services in all of our 18 locations including our workshops in Jade Ocean Building, Icon, Murano Grande, Porsche Design Tower, Golden Beach,  and Fisher Island.

Our mobile car wash services include:

Miami Total Steam

With less than 1 gallon of water, we clean every inch of your vehicle!   We developed Miami Total Steam with you in mind.  We don’t use chemical cleaning agents; you can rest assured that your leather seats or any other sensitive areas in your vehicle will not be damaged.  Our Lamborghini powered Steam & Vacuum Cleaner will make your car shine inside and out within a couple of hours. Our revolutionary high-power, eco-friendly mobile steamer operates at 16 bar pressure and 175F temperature. Using latest-generation 3D High Definition car care and optimum polymer technology, we take the car cleaning to the next level.

Auto Detailing & Car Wash

With Elite Car Spa perfection is not just a dream. When it comes to car care we bring perfection to your home and your car.

Step 1 – Interior car care: The inside of your vehicle is just as important as the outside. Because what we do is more than just a cosmetic treatment, we made it our goal to provide 5-star car care services to enhance your driving experience. Regular vacuuming and dusting your car interior will not only keep it looking good, but also sanitize it. Our cutting-edge Lamborghini- endorsed cleaning technology kills up 99.99% of all bacteria on the interior of your car. Our System will produce 1800 mg per hour of ozone, the same system is used in hospitals to kill microbes and bacteria, it kills the odor of cigarettes, cigars, pets, etc, including upholstery, steering wheel, and console. We keep your car and you healthy!

Step 2 – Exterior car care: While having a well-kept interior is key for your comfort, there’s no doubt that what catches the eye is the exterior of your vehicle. That’s why our exterior car care is a premium service. Exposed to most of the daily wear and tear caused by driving, your hood and other parts of your vehicle are subject to the action of fresh road tar, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, rock chips, debris, dust, sand, salt, and more. To preserve the exterior of your vehicle in good health, proper care must be taken and we do just that.

Permanent Paint Ceramic Coatings

Using state-of-the-art eco-friendly paint ceramic coatings, we correct and repaint your car, making it look as good as new. Removing paintwork blemishes or redoing it requires time and skill. Taking polishing to the next level, we use only scratch & mar resistant paint, offering your vehicle 100% protection against swirl marks, scratches, etches, water spots, and oxidation.

Dry Steam Auto Detailing and Car Wash with Nano Polymers

Our revolutionary nano polymer–based technology is suitable for both the interior and exterior of your car. Designed as an all-inclusive service, the Elite Car Spa dry steam auto detailing and nano polymer car wash is safe for all kinds of interiors and paint. One high-pressure vapor spray removes all impurities, leaving your vehicle shining like new.

Steam Sanitizing

If you’re looking for more than just a regular car wash, steam sanitizing is your first choice. One vapor spray kills 99.99% of all bacteria, leaving the inside and outside of your car crystal-clear and sanitized.

A/C Vents Cleaning

If bad smell is an issue, we help you get rid of it without any harsh chemicals. Our steam-based sanitizing technology provides you with the best service and enhances your car wash experience.

We provide service at your home, so make sure you book in advance. We offer our services in targeted packages developed to meet even the most demanding car wash requirements. Bookings are subject to a variable retainer fee varying according to the set of service(s) ordered.

Use less than a gallon of water per car wash

for better chemical, scratch&mar resistance Interior Guard Protection installation

Safe for all paint and interiors

Kills 99.99% of all bacteria

Our System will produce 1800 mg per hour of ozone, the same system is used in hospitals to kill microbes and bacteria, it kills the odor of cigarettes, cigars, pets, etc. For an enhanced driving and car spa experience, we also offer mirror polishing, screens, and woodgrain

No harsh chemicals

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